When couples resort to extreme divorce solutions it can backfire

In recent headlines a very unusual divorce solution has come to light.  You may have read the story of the two rabbis along with other accomplices who resorted to kidnapping and torture in order to help members obtain divorces from their spouses.  According to the FBI complaint filed with the court, the Rabbis charged Jewish women and their families thousands of dollars to obtain religious divorces from their reluctant husbands.

While the above case is an extreme approach to divorce problems and may seem more like a movie plot than real life – divorcing couples in desperation can act irrationally and go to extreme measures in order to win their divorce including:

•    Kidnapping their own children
•    Hiding money and assets
•    Threats and violence
•    Preventing visitation
•    Stalking and spying

Tactics such as the above usually backfire and only make the situation worse. But there is an alternative to a contentious litigated divorce.

Divorce mediation may be the answer
Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party helps ex spouses resolve their divorce issues.  The end goal of the process is to help you reach an agreement that is fair to both sides and where neither spouse is the winner or loser.  In fact, many family courts encourage divorcing couples to go through mediation before going to court.  Successful  mediation can help you obtain resolution on common divorce issues such as:

•    Asset/debt division
•    Spousal support
•    Child support
•    Child custody
•    Child visitation

Further, mediation can be less costly and time consuming and cause less stress to you and your family.

Talk to a NY divorce mediator today
Litigated divorces are costly and emotionally stressful.  And divorces involving child custody issues or large assets can drag on in court for years.  To find out if mediation can work for you, contact an experienced NY divorce mediator today.

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