What is Divorce Mediation?

Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Divorce mediation is a cooperative process that helps divorcing couples to develop a mutual divorce settlement and/or parenting agreement.  At first, this may seem like an unrealistic approach because divorcing couples often have disagreements about everything from how to empty the trash to how to rear the children.

However, resolving divorce issues in court is expensive and emotionally stressful.  If your divorce involves large marital assets or disputed child custody issues it can take years to work it out in court.  And the combination of financial burden, emotional distress, and hostility between you and your ex spouse can end up ruining your life.

You have essentially two choices in a disputed divorce, either go to court and litigate every issue before a judge, or participate in mediation and reach an agreement that you both can live with.  The benefits of divorce mediation are many and include:

  • Lower legal and court costs
  • Increased cooperation
  • An equal voice in problem resolution
  • Establishing co-parenting solutions
  • You resolve family issues rather than a judge
  • Quicker resolution to problems

Because a mediator is a neutral and objective third party, he or she can work with both spouses to work out settlement agreements.  Your divorce mediator’s goal is reach an amicable resolution so there is less emotional trauma and often less litigation in court.  And, a settlement agreement developed through mediation is often more fair than one determined by the judge.

A divorce mediator can also help after your divorce

Although divorce mediation is typically used during the divorce process, it may also be used after your divorce.  Even if your divorce was difficult, post-divorce mediation can help in certain circumstances such as:

  • Changes in custody and support matters
  • Co-parenting problems and disputes
  • Behavioral problems with ex spouses and children

Find out about your divorce mediation options

Court battles affect everyone and can leave you feeling emotionally scarred.  An experienced Long Island divorce mediator can help you and your family come to terms with the divorce and help reduce the stress of the divorce process.  A trained mediator can also review any existing mediation settlement agreements to ensure your rights are protected prior to signing the agreement.  Talk to a Long Island divorce mediator to learn the mediation options available to you.


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