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Working with a local South Shore divorce lawyer offers many conveniences and among them are easy access for meetings and court appearances. Our attorneys at Long Island Divorce Solutions have well-established Long Island legal practices and more than four decades of combined experience. We know the intricacies of the area, both geographically and culturally.

Facts about the South Shore

The South Shore is home to many New Yorkers who enjoy beautiful beaches along the South Shore’s 120-mile Atlantic coastline. Millions of people live here, and a great number also visit during summer months. Tourists and residents are attracted to South Fork’s internationally renowned Hampton’s resort, boating in Sag Harbor, sunbathing at one of the region’s fifteen beaches, hiking along the sand dunes, or shopping in the quaint hamlets or villages along the coast.

The South Shore of Long Island also boasts a rich heritage that spans back to the sixteenth century when Europeans first settled in the United States. Later, during the 1800′s, the region became known for its Gold Coast mansions where powerful families like the Vanderbilt’s lived lavish lives. Remnants of that era still remain today in some South Shore areas. Although, a greater number of well preserved Gold Coast mansions can be found along Long Island’s North Shore.

How a local South Shore divorce lawyer can benefit you

Demographically, the South Shore is quite diversified, with people from all walks of life. In any significantly populated area, divorce is a common occurrence. To obtain a favorable outcome, clients depend on their lawyer’s knowledge, skills, and familiarity with the local court’s judges, and staff. All courts have particular procedures, rules, and protocols inherent to their locale, and the South Shore is no exception. Our attorneys know what to expect and can readily navigate the local court systems.

Property division during divorce may involve local real estate, getting property appraisals, dissolving a family business, or similar issues. Being conversant with fair market values of South Shore property and steering clients to reliable appraisers and other seasoned professionals can help make a divorce go more smoothly. Long-established divorce lawyers develop networks of local experts who can assist with innovative solutions to help clients resolve divorce issues.

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