Referring Attorneys

At Long Island Divorce Solutions, we have a history of working with other attorneys in handling divorce and family law cases for their clients. Over the years we have developed great working relationships with NY attorneys whose practice focus is on areas other than divorce, mediation, and family law litigation.

We’re very appreciative of the confidence and trust that other attorneys have shown us in handling their clients’ NY divorce and family law cases. And we’re proud of the work we have done for other attorney’s clients in their family law matters.

The extent of our involvement in your client’s case, is up to you, the referring attorney. And we are happy to handle just one aspect of the case or the entire case from start to finish. Our goal is to help you satisfy your client’s family law legal needs. And we work out a fee-sharing agreement in each case that is completely satisfactory to referring attorney as permitted by the Code of Professional Responsibility.

Long Island Divorce Solutions has the experience and resources necessary to handle all aspects of your client’s divorce and family law matters—from mediated divorce to high-conflict divorce litigation. We have a great network of professionals we work with to help clients get through their divorce in a sensible, healthy, and reasonable manner. And we are always looking to expand our network to other professionals who share similar goals and objectives. We are also happy to refer our clients to outside attorneys when our client’s legal needs are beyond our practice focus.

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