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North Shore couples filing for divorce find reassurance through local divorce lawyers who are familiar with the area, its cultural nuances, and the types of issuesNorthShoreresidents often face. At Long Island Divorce Solutions our seasoned attorneys offer more than 40 years of combined legal experience focused on divorce and family law.

The North Shore’s heritage

Toward the late 1800s, the North Shore acquired a reputation for wealth and elegance through its luxurious estates, chateaus, and castles. As the area attracted affluent industrialists, bankers, and other tycoons, some of the nation’s most prominent families established residences, such as the Roosevelts, Pratts, and Guggenheims, to name a few. The Gilded Age aptly described this prosperous era in the same way that the Gold Coast distinguished the North Shore. Glen Cove was home to American millionaires J.P. Morgan and F.W. Woolworth. Manhassett was the site of estates belonging to the Strathmores, Vanderbuilts, and famed New York Herald Tribune publisher, John Hay Whitney. Today, many of the impressive mansions are no longer privately owned but are open for public enjoyment.

Oyster Bay, which has a population of 300,000 people, encompasses 18 villages and 18 hamlets. It spans from the North Shore to the South Shore in Nassau County and is famous for the North Shore estate that was the summer White House of President Theodore Roosevelt.

While much of the North Shore’s terrain consists of rocky beaches, there is also abundant farmland in North Fork and more than 30 Long Island wineries.

Gearing services to meet our clients’ needs

Many Long Island couples want a low profile divorce where they can settle issues outside of court through mediation, collaborative law, or a negotiated settlement. Couples who settle their differences gain more control over the outcome, keep private matters confidential, and can maintain somewhat amicable relationships after divorce ― which minimizes stress, especially when children are involved.

At Long Island Divorce Solutions, a divorce lawyer works closely with clients to provide innovative and personalized solutions. When alternative dispute resolution is not a viable option, our attorneys can provide aggressive litigation.  Our firm has extensive experience dealing with the financial aspect of divorce –  handling  business valuations, evaluating tax implications, and unraveling complex monetary issues.

Rely on our divorce experience

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