Divorce Mediation Long Island:Divorce Mediation Myths

Divorce Mediation Myths

Author: Gary Salatto: Center for Divorce Mediation

Taking the cooperative approach to divorce using mediation has gained popularity in recent years.  And initial studies show that many divorcing spouses are having high levels of success with divorce mediation.  However, there are still many myths surrounding divorce mediation such as:

Myth #1

Mediation isn’t for people with real problems.

On the contrary, divorce mediation is meant to help resolve real problems which is why mediators must be trained and certified to offer mediation to clients.  And it there would be no reason for a person to seek a mediator’s services if he or she didn’t have real problems.

Myth #2

Mediation is used for couples who want to reconcile.

Some people may confuse mediation with marriage counseling which it is not.  Although couples often experience improved communication levels through mediation, the goal of divorce mediation is an amicable settlement not reconciliation.

Myth #3

A mediated divorce takes longer than a regular divorce.

More often than not, divorce mediation produces faster results than a litigated divorce.  Even if your divorce lawyer brings about a successful out of court settlement the traditional divorce route usually takes longer and costs more.

Myth #4

It is easier to have an attorney handle my divorce than dealing with mediation.

In both litigated and mediated divorces you still must provide information and make decisions on many issues.  In fact, the approach to information gathering and decision making in mediation is more manageable and less costly than litigating each issue in family court.

Myth# 5

A mediator is the final decision maker.

A mediator is not a judge or an arbitrator but is a neutral third party who doesn’t make decisions for you.  The mediator’s goal is to negotiate an agreement that both spouses feel is fair and workable.

Myth #6

Divorce mediation works for everybody.

Although mediation can be a successful approach for many couples, those with  domination issues, or abuse and domestic violence problems are not likely to find mediation as the best approach to their divorce.

Find out the real facts about mediation

Divorce law in Long Island can be complicated and going through a traditional divorce can be stressful.  An experienced Long Island divorce mediator can help you create an agreement that works for everyone concerned.  Ask your attorney about your divorce mediation options.


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