Mediation and Post-Divorce Modifications

Author: Gary Salatto

Just like everything else, situations often change after a divorce is final.  Though most couples do their best to anticipate what issues and circumstances will arise, it is not always possible to know what the future brings.  And when circumstances do change, divorced couples may find that new agreements are necessary to address those changes, which may include:

  • A substantial change in income for you or your ex spouse
  • Because your children have grown, their needs have changed
  • A new job for you or your ex spouse requires relocation
  • A major illness or accident has changed or put additional financial demands on you or your ex spouse
  • Or some other unexpected situation has affected your original divorce agreement

Any of the above situations can create the need to modify your original divorce agreement.  And if your original divorce agreement was obtained through traditional divorce litigation, mediation may prove to be a more effective and less stressful avenue to obtain a modification.

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party – a trained mediator – helps you to identify the issues that require resolution in a post-divorce modification.  The mediator helps you and your ex spouse to resolve the new circumstances within a win/win framework so that each party is satisfied with the changes and your family life can continue without disruption.  Unlike litigation, mediation provides a quicker and less expensive resolution and gives you greater control, flexibility, and privacy in important family decisions.  Additionally, should future situations arise, mediation offers you a viable and less stressful alternative to litigation.

Once you and your ex spouse have decided the issues and set new terms that address your family’s current needs, your Long Island divorce mediator drafts a new agreement, for the issues that you have modified.  The document is then signed by both of you and the agreement goes into effect.

Navigating life after divorce can be challenging but a Long Island divorce mediator can help you address those challenges without going through the time, expense, and stress of going to court.

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