How to Move on After a Divorce

Not everyone who has recently divorced finds it easy to bounce back.  A divorce is often a traumatic experience that causes significant changes in your lifestyle –so it is understandable that you might find it difficult to find your footing in your new circumstances.

Following are some suggestions that may make the adjustment a bit easier and help you through the transition process:

•    Allow yourself to grieve.  Many recently-divorced people feel that they should not openly grieve their loss – or that others think they should just get over it.  However, you are a human being, not a machine and if you need to grieve the loss of your marriage, lifestyle, home or other losses associated with a divorce you should allow yourself to do so.  Grieving is essential to the healing process and by repressing it you may doing yourself more harm than good.

•    Give yourself a break.  When you are stressed out it is easy to beat yourself up for small failures or mistakes.  Realize that just like everyone else you are not perfect, and very few mistakes are irreparable.  Give yourself a break and stop beating yourself up over minor issues.

•    Set new goals and follow your dreams.  Setting new goals helps tremendously in looking forward to the future and rebuilding your life.  You could go back to school for that degree you always wanted, switch career fields, or sign up for those dance lessons you wanted to take.  Getting re-engaged in life can completely change your outlook.

•    Ask for help.  Your NY divorce attorney can help you through the legal hurdles, but the emotional stress is often the most difficult obstacle.  Ask for help from friends or family to get you through the tough times.  Even asking a friend or family member to baby-sit for a couple of hours a week can give you some down time to decompress and make a difference in your outlook.

•    Make new friends.  Unfortunately, sometimes friends become part of the fall-out from a divorce.  Get involved in your community, your kid’s school, or volunteer at a local non-profit organization.  Getting out and getting active usually results in meeting new people and forging new relationships.  New people in your life can add fun and variety and keep you moving forward.

•    Stay healthy and take care of yourself.  One of the easiest ways to deal with emotional stress is by participating in daily exercise and maintaining a healthy diet.  Even if it’s a little hard to get going at first, work at it because it does make a difference.
If you are going through a divorce talk to a qualified attorney
A divorce is a difficult proposition under most circumstances.  To get your questions answered and learn your legal options consult with a qualified NY divorce attorney  today.

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