Divorce Mediation and Child Custody

Mediation and Child Custody
Author: Gary Salatto

Divorce is a difficult process for anyone but it is especially difficult when children are involved. Above all, as parents you want to keep your child’s wellbeing at the forefront of any decisions you make. However, you are also dealing with strong emotions like anger, disappointment, and resentment. And unfortunately these strong emotions can get in the way of making rational and good decisions for yourself, your spouse, and your kids.

Approaching your divorce through the court system often defeats the purpose of achieving a fair and just custody arrangement because of the adversarial nature of litigation. Which is why mediation may be a good alternative approach for you.

Mediation is a process in which you work with a trained Long Island divorce mediator to identify and resolve the issues of your divorce. The mediator approaches the process from a win/win standpoint so that you and your ex spouse can arrive at a fair and viable agreement that is workable for everyone involved. The benefits of mediation are many and include:

• Honest airing of grievances
• Quicker problem resolution
• More control of resolutions to disputes
• Allows you to make important family decisions rather than a judge
• Fostering a cooperative spirit between you and your ex spouse
• Lowered legal and court costs

Mediation is particularly beneficial in child custody disputes. Often parents don’t realize how stressful divorce can be for their children. Mediation can help alleviate that stress on several fronts for your children including:

• Giving your children a venue for voicing their concerns
• Help develop a workable co-parenting plan
• Reduce overall stress for you and your ex spouse
• Act as a positive example for your children in problem solving and working out conflict

Further, through mediation you can agree on methods to deal with possible disagreements in the future, avoiding possible further stress for your children.

If you have a child custody issue you are trying to resolve, contact an experienced Long Island divorce mediator to learn the options available in your circumstances.

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