Can your social media activities affect your divorce?

The short answer is, yes your social media activities can affect your divorce.  A survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers discovered that 81 percent of their members reported an increase in divorce cases that involved social media.

In today’s high-tech world, most of us participate in some sort of social media as a way to keep in touch with friends and family and stay on top of what’s happening in the world.  However, we often forget that social media is a very public avenue which is easily accessible to anyone who has even cursory Internet skills.

If you are separated or in the process of getting a divorce, you should assume that your ex spouse’s attorney is actively looking for evidence that can be used against you—and social media sites are just one more venue to look for evidence.  And just about anyone can easily find information about you on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and personal blogs.  So it is wise to consider what information you share on your social media accounts.  The following is a list of  tips to consider for social media behavior while you are still going through your divorce:

Most social media sites default to public postings, meaning that anyone can see what you post on your account.  Change your privacy settings so that only friends and family can see what you post—particularly if you feel the need to ‘vent’ about your divorce.

  • Review your friend list for individuals who might tell your ex spouse about things you have posted.  You may also want to un-friend your ex, his family and friends while you’re at it.
  • Refrain from ranting about your ex spouse, their family or friends.  While it may feel good for a moment to let off steam, you may end up doing damage control for years to come.
  • Don’t discuss new romantic relationships or flirt with other posters openly online.
  • If possible try not to discuss your divorce at all online.  Making a careless comment can not only hurt your ex spouse but your children, family and friends too.  Your divorce is private, it’s best to keep it that way, especially online.
  • Remember that everything you say online is there forever, you won’t be able to take it back.

Talk to an experienced Long Island divorce mediator

Going through a divorce isn’t easy but using your social media activities to help you through it may not be the best approach.  An experienced Long Island divorce mediator may be able to help you obtain the results you want while making the process smoother and less stressful.


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