Can Sexting Affect Your Divorce Settlement?

Can Sexting Affect Your Divorce Settlement?

A San Antonio woman is in hot water and facing a divorce because she sent nude photos of herself to another man.  When her husband saw the photos he wanted a divorce.

While we may be all too familiar with the practice of texting because of the popularity of it among teens and younger individuals is legend – sexting may be something new to you.  Sexting is the act of texting sexually graphic messages and/or sending sexually suggestive or graphic photos via smart phones.

Social media, email, sexting and a new breed of investigators

Technological advances and inventions in the last several years have afforded us much convenience and the ability to send or post our every little thought to anyone in the world.  On many fronts this is fabulous – it enables us to do business globally, stay in touch with family and friends, network, and make business contacts.  It’s great.  Except it’s also not so great, especially if you are going through a divorce and your ex spouse’s divorce attorney has his team of investigators checking out your online and electronic presence.

Because we have become so accustomed to electronic wizardry for nearly everything in our lives, we take it for granted.  People send pictures, make comments, or otherwise reveal very personal details about their lives online.  And unfortunately, once something has been put on the Internet, it’s nearly impossible to remove it.  The rule of thumb is that there is no privacy on the Internet.

Private investigators have realized this and social media sites, text records and phone records can be very good sources of information about you, your activities, who you associate with and even how much money you’re spending. And if you’re caught through any of these channels, you can be made to reimburse your ex for marital funds spent on your affair.

Protect yourself and discuss your divorce with a LI divorce attorney

Divorces should be private but often times, you can sabotage yourself without realizing it.  An experienced divorce attorney can give you advice and guidance on how to handle social media so it doesn’t have an adverse effect on your divorce outcome.

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