Can Divorce Mediation Work for You?

Author: Long Island Divorce Solutions: Gary Salatto
New York Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Agreeing to a divorce with your spouse is just the beginning of a process that requires you reach agreements on several legal issues including: marital property division, alimony, child support, visitation, and child custody.  Litigating issues in court often adds to your stress both financially and emotionally.  And in the end, often it is the judge who decides your fate.

What is a divorce mediator?

A divorce mediator acts as a neutral third party who works with both you and your spouse to negotiate agreements on the disputed issues in your divorce.  The goal of the mediator is to help bring about amicable resolutions which reduces emotional trauma and avoids costly litigation for you.

Benefits of divorce mediation

Successful divorce mediation can provide rational and non-threatening solutions and a skilled divorce mediator can help bring about successful out of court settlements that both your and your ex spouse can live with.

The benefits of divorce mediation over litigated divorce are many and can include:

  • Honest airing of grievances
  • Quicker problem resolution
  • More control of resolutions to disputes
  • Allows you to make important family decisions rather than a judge
  • Fostering a cooperative spirit between you and your ex spouse
  • A mutual parenting arrangement for your children
  • Lowered legal and court costs

Mediation after a divorce

Mediation can also be helpful after your divorce.  In fact, couples who have had highly contentious divorces may use mediation to find workable solutions for post divorce circumstances such as:

  • Unresolved communication problems between family members
  • Behavioral issues between spouses
  • Co-parenting difficulties
  • Changes in custody matters

Alternative solutions to litigation

Alternative approaches such as mediation, collaborative law, and negotiated settlements, can help you resolve your divorce issues while maintaining your dignity and privacy.  Using Long Island divorce mediators may be the right solution for you.

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