Are you driving the cost of your divorce up?

Author: Gary Salatto

Like any legal proceeding, your divorce will incur costs that can’t be avoided.  However, your divorce shouldn’t send you to the brink of financial ruin.

Typically if your divorce involves custody, support, and visitation the process will take longer and will increase your costs.  Or if you have large assets, working out property and debt division can be time consuming as well.  You can reasonably expect to incur the following expenses in a litigated divorce:

Attorney fees

  • Court fees
  • Expert fees
  • Deposition fees
  • Fees incurred for discovery

Often a litigated divorce pits the spouses against each other and they end up fighting over everything before a judge.  And this type of court battle can be a long, frustrating, and, expensive process.  However, there are steps you can take that can help you lessen the expense of your divorce:

Put your child first. One of the most costly divorce issues is child custody.  Battling with your ex over who is the better parent or worse, using your children as weapons against your ex spouse doesn’t help you, or your children and increases your costs tremendously.  Put your differences with your ex spouse aside and put your children first by striving to find fair and realistic solutions to co-parenting—this approach can significantly reduce costs and emotional stress.

Stop fighting over the property. The reality is that you have to divide the property and compromise is key in working out a fair agreement.  Take a business approach with marital property by listing your assets, discussing what each of you wants, and negotiating on the items of common interest.  If you find you can’t do this on your own, a Long Island divorce mediator can help you and your ex find viable solutions to property division.

Mediation and collaborative divorce. Let’s face it, a litigated divorce is expensive—mediated divorce and collaborative divorce are less costly alternatives that can help resolve your divorce issues and rather than making you and your ex opponents strives to make you participants in a resolution process.  Opting for mediation or collaborative divorce can also be much better for your kids, because these approaches enable you to make the decisions that affect their future rather being at the mercy of a family court judge.  Long Island mediation and collaborative divorce professionals can help you reach agreements in custody, support, and property division issues.  And, either approach is generally less expensive than court litigation.  Remember, the more issues you can resolve with your ex spouse outside of the court room results in less time in court

Your divorce costs depend on your approach

If you approach your divorce through litigation you can expect to have high divorce costs—both financially and emotionally.  However, your divorce can be far less adversarial and expensive when you opt for mediation or collaborative divorce.  An experienced Long Island divorce mediator can help you determine if mediation or collaborative divorce is right for you.

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